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This article talks about a woman who had several fingers bitten off by a bear at a zoo in Wisconsin because she was drunk and went past all the signs that said stay away and do not feed the animals. It later goes on to talk about a 2 year old who went to pet the wolves and got his arm torn off and the animals were euthanized.

I’m not going to talk about whether it’s right or not to take animals out of their natural environments and hold them in captivity because my gut and my selfish mind disagree (Gut: Hey brain, that’s not nice to lock up animals for no reason. Brain: But they’re pretty and I love them and want to see them and watch them and squeeze them and love them forever from afar.) Please excuse my selfishness. BUT SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?! It’s like that idiotic organization that wants the whale and his owner stoned to death for killing the trainer. Animals are animals that have natural predatory instincts you CANNOT train out of them and they DO NOT deserve to die because people are stupid. Sending your 2 year old into a wolf pen to “pet the puppies” is STUPID! Being drunk and going to feed the bears is STUPID! The animals don’t deserve to die because of people’s stupidity, the people should have their kids taken away from them for setting a bad example. If you are that dumb to pet a wild animal, even in the zoo, when children are present, or you send your child to pet a wild animal for that precious picture you should be psychologically evaluated and have your kids taken away. Ask the people this before they consider euthanizing these creatures: if you saw a bear in the forest, would you try to feed it or run? RUN DUH! Yeah, the people are in the wrong.

In the case of Tillikum, I have read other trainers said she made a mistake and suffered the consequences for it since she wasn’t supposed to be in the water with him, etc. I don’t know about that, and I do feel for the family of Dawn. I have seen her and her show before. When I was kid I wanted to be a whale trainer. I do feel for the animals in captivity, and I know in my heart it’s wrong, even though I am selfish and want to see them myself. However, they are trained professionals and they know that one little slip or accident could result in their death. Zookeepers who deal with predators know this, too. They take a risk with their lives every day when they are around predatory animals. I don’t think any of them would want their animals, and many zookeepers I talk to talk about their animals like their children, killed because they know the nature of the beast.

Carlos Mencia said it best when he talked about Tillikum killing the guy who jumped in the tank, or the guy who was killed by the bear saying they were gentle and docile creatures, DEE DEE DEE!


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