I Didn't Plan for Chaos

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Cheryl Hackett
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Moms In Need of Mercy

A humorous look at how merely having a loose plan for the day caused it to fall apart, culminating in one son taking a mud-bath, and me unwilling to rescue him.

Here's an excerpt: "He...got stuck. As in quick-sand stuck. Me, wearing my new white Marmot parka my husband got me for Christmas, wanted no part of the rescue. But he was totally stuck. So I reached out to him from the curb, and told him he was absolutely not to touch my coat (he obeyed on this one), and I grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the mud. Somewhere in the rescue, he face-planted. But the coat made it out unscathed.

What all this taught me today is that by not more clearly planning for success, I did in fact, plan for chaos.

My next post will address planning for a successful day. I just have to plan one."