I Do Not Like Soup

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Do you ever look at your co-workers across the desk (or through the telephone and interwebs, like I do) and ask yourself "Who are these people and why in the heck do I work with them?" Don't get me wrong, the people who work at BlogHer, Inc are smart, talented, funny and a pleasure to work with 99% of the time. They just have one really big fault - they are all soup fanatics.

They don't just like soup, they adore soup -- so much so that I recently found myself in a meeting, led by a woman whose meetings rarely run off-topic, where we (they) talked about soup for hours. Okay fine, it was just five minutes of soup-squeeing, but it felt like hours. The only reason I can work with these people is because after this meeting devolved into a soupy love-fest, it evolved into a discussion about the beauty of Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Claire Danes and Jared Leto. They might be soup lovers but they are awesome soup lovers.

I didn't always hate soup.

When I was young, I loved Campbell's chicken noodle, chicken with rice and the most awesome chicken with stars. I even liked those dried packets of Lipton's chicken noodle soup that my mother bought for herself and I coveted like crazy.

As a pre-teen and teen, I developed a fondness for cream of potato and bean with bacon soup. (I know! You're shocked!) My love for the bean with bacon may have come from a crush I had on a girl who really loved this soup - or it could have been due to the awesome oyster crackers I covered the top of the soup with. And yes, I even liked ramen.

When I had young children and very little money, I often served soup or ramen to my family because sometimes it was the only way to make a meal go further.

That might have been what led me to my eventual hatred of all things soupy. How many bowls of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches can one woman eat? Or maybe not -- since I still love grilled cheese.

Huh. Now that I think about it, I don't really know what happened or why I don't like soup. I just don't. The very idea of it makes me cringe. TW has been known to make some kind of soup and call it something completely non-soup sounding (like crock taco), but I know soup when I see it and I won't eat that. Uh uh. No way.

Why ruin perfectly good ingredients by turning them into something that looks like you should be drinking it? Don't even get me started on cold soup - who in their right mind...?

Today, after being briefly harassed by Sassymonkey about Soup Month, and revisiting this soup toppers post, I realized there is one way I will eat soup. Pour me a bowl of soup toppers (croutons, popcorn, those super-expensive soup toppers sold in produce aisles, etc.) and then sprinkle a 1/4 cup of soup over the top. I'd eat that. No problem.

I'm not the only one who doesn't like soup, right? RIGHT?

Updated 1/14/11: I Ate Soup for BlogHer and Survived.

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