I Donated Blood, Ate Ice Cream and Forgot to Shave.

I donated blood today. I weighed in at 119 at the doctor's last week. I took that as my queue to get myself to a Blood Mobile and squeeze out a pint. I try to donate as often as possible, but my Iron levels keep me from doing so. Damned working out! I'm not anemic or otherwise unable to donate; it just gets low when I don't eat properly and workout too much. So, I beefed up my Iron and rolled up my sleeve.

I blogged about donating a few years ago. My BFF needed transfusions a while back to save her life. I remember when she was in the hospital I couldn't keep myself together at the thought of losing her. Thankfully, she came out just fine. 


Weighing 119 is a new high for me except for when I was pregnant and tipped the scales at 145. I usually hang around 110 and 115 thanks to building muscle. I actually have calf definition. My family is plagued with chicken legs from the knees down. I gained the extra four pounds because I have to feed Weez and she's been home a lot; camp only started this week. When she eats, I eat. She eats often. We also went on vacation where I didn't workout and committed carbocide every day. It was lovely. I don't mind the number. I need to gain weight. I just wish I'd gain it in my boobs. 


Stupid genetics.


I donated blood Monday because I didn't have to teach. I donated once and taught class. That was stupid. So, I chilled Monday night and ate a big dinner. Well, no we had spaghetti. I wanted to order Outback, but they removed the 4 Course Meals specials. It would have been $30 just for Weez's food and steak for me. I 86'd that idea, boiled some pasta and we went out or ice cream instead.


We're sitting outside Cold Stone enjoying the beautiful weather and delicious ice cream. A car pulls up with an Ohio State front plate. In Florida we only need a back license plate; the front can be anything and oh boy, do people get creative. This front plate was just an Ohio State logo.

He climbed out of his car and his son popped out of the backseat. I saw a female in the passenger front seat, but couldn't tell if it was a wife or an older daughter who maybe didn't want to be seen with dear old dad and bro. The dad was probably in his early 40s. Good looking man. He was wearing an Ohio State shirt as well. 


Big fan.


I went to Ohio State, but decided I'd just head nod instead of asking about his Alma Mater. I was sitting on a bench seemingly by myself; Weez ran inside to go potty. I had my hair up in a messy bun and I was wearing my "Kiss Me I'm a Hot Mess" shirt with athletic shorts and flip flops. No, I wasn't looking my best, but who cares. I was eating ice cream and he was probably married. He did make eye contact with me though so maybe he was reading my shirt and judging the living daylights out of me.


When he and his son left Cold Stone he crossed directly in front of me. He could have walked around the beams as he did when he walked into the store. We made eye contact. We both half smiled. He looked down at my legs. I was sitting crossed legged. Weez was outside by now so yeah, I'm a mom, dude. Word. He kept walking, got back in his car and left the parking lot. I watched him drive away while I continued to eat my ice cream; I really didn't need a medium. I then looked down at my legs. Oh wow. Unshaven and peeling from a recent sunburn. 




Ah, well, had he been a brave man, he'd have said, "Hello." We'll assume he's married... Yeah, that's it.