I don't feel like doing anything

I have tons to do and don't feel like doing anything. Yesterday with my grandma really wiped me out. They are going to be transferring her to another hospital tonight. It is probably for the best and she is going to get a second opinion when she get's there since we are not happy with the surgeon she had. I did talk to my boyfriend. I broke down and called him but figured it was important to tell him what was going on even if I just left a message. But, he did answer and we talked for a while. I knew he was just really busy and so have I. I guess once in a while it's okay to break my no phone call rule with calling him as long as it is for a good reason and I'm not just trying to track him down. I feel like this is a test and I'm passing. I'm trying not to get sucked into the drama. I know he can be flaky at times so if he doesn't call or come over I'm trying to just let it pass. Trying to just detach from the situation and keep myself busy. So far it is really helping.

I also joined Summer Extravaganza on Braveheart women all about positive thinking. I'm looking forward to it.

I am using my myspace again for the most part. It is good for some things I just wish there where more people I actually knew. So if you want to add me www.myspace.com/christinafailla

Just let me know where you are from or I might not accept it


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