I Don't Know How Mommy Bloggers Do It: Are They Neglecting Their Kids?

I really don't know how mommy bloggers do it.  They must be neglecting their kids.  I am a SAHM with one child in college and one who is a senior in high school.  My time should be all my own, right?  Wrong. I barely have a minute to write a blog entry to tell you that I am too busy to write a blog entry, let alone write a blog entry that has any depth or meaning to it.  And don't even get me started on how they have time to Instagram every move their child makes and every morsel of food their child eats, then "like" and "comment" on the Instagram accounts of others. I don't know how mommy bloggers do it when they have little kids at home who need their attention 24/7.  Kudos to them, but something has to be suffering somewhere, am I right?  The laundry, perhaps?  Do they make healthy dinners every night or order take-out?  Do they have nannies to wipe noses and butts?  Thoughts?  Anyone?  What do you sacrifice in order to be a professional blogger?

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