I don't know from Marcus...

Marcus Aurelius said, "Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." Do you think there are concrete facts and truths, or is everything fluid?

Thinking about facts, truths, opinions and perspectives as fluid concepts does not bother me. I am way more afraid of and bothered by absolutes than I am concerned about fluidity of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ideals.

I am intrigued by the idea that my girls will have, what they believe to be, a firm opinion about anything or anyone all the while knowing that this belief will change and evolve as they grow and gain experiences and insights.

The concept of being open to hearing, seeing and experiencing life with no pressure to be rigidly anchored to only what you have seen, heard or experienced TO DATE, thrills me for my girls.  Of course I want them to have a foundation of what we may refer to as absolutes in the area of morals and values but these will only enhance their ability to be open vessels for the exciting exchanging of ideas that they will have as they grow and explore the world they are living in.

I can remember being "so sure" about so much and at the same time just hungry to hear about differences and beliefs that were completely contrary to my way of thinking. The people who intrigued me and challenged me the most were the ones I could not fully relate to. I would get a rush being in the presence of strong minded Poli-Sci students and professors and listening to them argue a point or try and persuade a room. Their opinions seemed to be supported by so many facts and their perspectives were always bolstered by what sounded like truths.

I see my girls soaking in an adult conversation about a political idea or a controversial event in the media and I know they are feeling a bit of that same charge that kept me so engaged in these subjects. Even at their young age I can hear them saying very thoughtful things about some highly charged subjects and it makes me proud.

I do not know which way my girls will ultimately lean. I do not have a crystal ball. I do know that my husband and I have tried, and will continue to try, to allow them to feel safe in our home to express, discuss, share and argue any opinion, perspective, truth or fact, without the fear of being dismissed, discouraged, embarrassed or harassed.

I preach tolerance and I also practice it. I hope my young ladies will have an appetite for learning and thirst for knowledge that will fill them and that they will always try to listen to other peoples' ideas with the same ears that we use to hear their ideas. 

I suppose in this constantly changing world we are raising our girls in, we can only expose them to what we have access to and the rest will come as they leave the safe confines of our home and go off to college or whatever comes next. The work we are doing to lay down the non-negotiable value system and moral compass that they will have as their constant "true north", will have to be enough. Their individual opinions, perspectives, truths and facts will all come from what is already inside of them and then be further influenced by whatever else they allow in.

It is an exciting time to be growing up. It is also very challenging and scary. I hope for firmly planted feet with open arms outstretched to receive any and all that is available to each of them.

I don't know if I answered the question but I feel like I discussed my opinion, based on some facts, my truth and most of all, my perspective.      

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