I Don't Know What I'm Doing With My Writing


Okay, we have all been there: you try to write a research paper for school or compose an excellent term paper, but have no ideas whatsoever. No random thoughts, no insights on where to start or what topics to work on. That is one horrible experience everyone has had at least once in their lives, or, in case you are anything like most of us here, more frequently.

However, your deadlines won’t move, and tutors won’t wait for you to catch the wave and deliver a creative piece: you need to start writing something right now. So, what can you do in such a case?

You should calm down. And before anything else think of the things which might make you stumble.

Things which prevent your creativity boost:

1. Lack of organization.

It might sound weird and irrelevant but the organization is essential to your creativity boost. First of all, you need to make a list of things you will need while working on a paper. So, concentrate and think what you need. It might be a laptop, Internet connection, textbooks, books by authors specializing in the certain area, notes you took during the course, etc. The thing is when you prepare everything you need beforehand, the inspiration for writing comes easier.

2. Distractions.

I can say for sure that one of the greatest lessons learned in life by me is the fact that whenever serious work has to be done, all the possible distractions should be taken away. Otherwise, nothing will be done on time, my brain will get overloaded with thoughts relevant and irrelevant to my area of study, and I will end up desperate and tired.

So, to save yourself some time and effort, make sure your phone is switched off, you are not logged into social networks, and your favorite book is somewhere on the top shelf to which you have no access while working.

3. Taking breaks.

Of course, you need some time off work to let your brain relax and breathe a little. However, if you keep taking breaks too frequently, you will end up feeling exhausted. Why? Your mind will not be able to concentrate properly on one particular subject. The process of jumping from one idea to another can be tiring.

So, instead of taking short breaks every now and then, make them longer but less frequent.

Now that you know what might be keeping you from writing a brilliant paper, let’s proceed to explore the most efficient tips which will help you craft an exciting piece of writing in no time.

Tips on how to deal with writer’s block

There are so many people complaining “I have no idea what I’m doing with my writing” that creating a list of recommendations on how to deal with it seems to be unavoidable. So, let’s see what one can do to start writing even when having no ideas or inspiration.

1. Get into the correct mindset.

From most of the quotes about change and achievements, we can grasp the idea that you should believe in yourself to make something happen. It is the cause of most of your life’s successes. So, make sure you feel that you have all the strength you need to deal with this task as well as are ready to conquer the new heights. This is the mindset which will help you. Think positively. And don’t believe the lie that only the selfish people are so self-involved. The truth is that people willing to achieve the most need to be determined to do everything it takes to reach their goals.

2. Read more.

Whenever you feel like you cannot find one good idea to start with, grab a book relevant to your area of study and read it until you feel like you are ready to launch your own research.

This should be something not too complicated, though sometimes books we cannot “digest” seem to scare us and have an opposite to the desirable effect. So, take a good piece of professional literature and read it until you feel inspired.

3. Consider free writing.

If you still cannot make yourself write on a professional subject, here is a suggestion: you can start writing about anything that pops up in your head at the moment. You don’t need to craft a perfect piece right away. Nevertheless, sometimes we all need some push to make us want to write.

So, when writing something on a free topic you might ignite the sparkle and have that necessary jump start.

4. Invite friends.

If you are not the only one dealing with a complicated research paper, then having someone else to work with you together might be a good idea. Seeing how someone else is trying hard can inspire you or at least make you feel sorry that you are being a do-nothing while someone else is working.

You will feel accountable to your friends and it might push you toward the goal. So, writing together with someone is another idea.

5. One step at a time.

You can also try taking small steps on your way to big goals. Create a list of everything you need to do and put a check next to every point you have accomplished successfully. The feeling that something is done and you are moving forward slowly but steadily will appear immediately. It will bring you that enjoyable contentment you miss so much when dealing with huge loads of work.

6. Rewards for good work.

Okay, so you have crafted one abstract/page/chapter. It’s time to get a reward for all the hard work you invested in this assignment. Think of something you really like but cannot afford to have every day. That might be your reward.

However, you should be honest with yourself, and if the goal was not achieved – you get no prize. It’s only fair!

7. Only pick topics you’re interested in.

So, now as you are determined to try to write a research paper, you only need an interesting topic. Unless you are assigned a topic you cannot change, select something you feel passionate about and genuinely interested in.

You will spend hours composing a quality piece of such kind. So, writing about things you like can be a huge help and motivator even for the least motivated people.

8. Schedule your writing correctly.

If you are not an early bird, then planning your writing for 6 a. m. is not the best idea. You need to take your personal preferences into account as well as consider working at times which fit your personality.

Besides, one should also take other things into consideration. For instance, you won’t be able to work properly if you only have 45 minutes in between classes. That’s why find a gap in your schedule which will allow you to concentrate and do your best.

Wrapping it all up, writing can be a tough discipline. However, with the aid of our simple advice, you can achieve better results with less effort put into the assignment. So, take your laptop and start writing right away not to lose the desire. Good luck!

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