The 'I don't need any help' Syndrome

The ‘I don’t need any help’ Syndrome

The ‘I don’t need any help’ Syndrome

I twisted my ankle running the ‘Race for Open Space’ 5K in Villanova on June 3rd.  Fun race, I highly recommend it.  Being the spaz that I am, however, I rolled my ankle when I tripped on a root.  What did I do?  Ask for help?  Nah, I winced and ran through the pain.

After the race, I shook off the pain and took some Advil.  I then proceeded to wear 4” heels everyday to work.  Because I was fine.  I’m tough, it was only a 5K, and I did not need any help.  My family, my colleagues and my friends asked, ‘don’t you need to see a doctor?’  My answer was ‘No, I’ve been through worse.  I know that this will resolve on its own.’

I’ll just say it: I should have asked for help. 

Turns out that my little twisted ankle was actually a broken heel.  Gone is my plan to train for ‘real’ Fall races like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly Half Marathon.  Gone is my ability (temporarily) to walk without crutches.  Gone is my delusional cockiness that I don’t need help from a doctor.

I am bummed to be injured, but mostly I’m angry with myself for not taking better care of my health.  At two months post-injury, I should be well into my recovery.  My arrogance, my ‘I don’t need help’ attitude has caused me way more suffering than I would have experienced if I had just taken care of myself.

Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist