I don't think GOD done it this way - apologies to Hank Williams, Jr.

I am a Russsell Crowe fan and a Bible fan so when I heard about the "Biblical epic" film forthcoming, I was jazzed. So I corralled a friend into going with me.

I don't recall the passage where GOD created transformers, do you?

Okay, not transformers according to film maker Darren Aronofsky, but 'Watchers' - hulking rock guys (not music makers) that lumber about and even help Noah build the ark.

If you suspend reality, the movie can be kind of fun. There's some good acting (Russell!!) and the special effects are interesting at points but come on, the fictional drama of it all!!

Now be sure and read the story yourself in Genesis, chapters 6-8.  It was a time of violence. GOD did wonder what He'd wrought, but there was no proposed killing of innocent babies born to Noah's son. The Bible says, btw, Noah's son took their WIVES with them in the ark.

One part that cracked me  up was when the bad guy stowaway (yep!!) was cooking one of the animals. Now wouldn't you think someone in the ark would have said, "Hey! I smell barbeque! What's up?! "

Its a movie, actually interesting if you can get past a few 'What?" moments. It doesn't do a lot for Noah's rep, but you will know the real story. Read it before you pick it up at the Red Box.


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