I don't want to say goodbye

esy, my 17 year old cat

I met Esy when I was about 21. I had just left my mom's home to move into my very own studio, a horrible place near the train station. Ever since i know myself,  I loved cats, my mom would constantly throw out any cat I'd bring inside so, the very first thing I did when I finally moved out, was to have a cat. I found Esy in a newspaper. Her former owner, who loved her enormously (he even named his car tag after her) had remarried and his new wife hated cats. I remember the first days with Esy being very difficult. She'd miaw and whine endlessly staring at the front door, and probably waiting for her friend to come and take her home. Until one night when I felt her hopping into bed and laying next to me.

esy sleeping on my chest

Ever since that night she'd always stay by my side with a loyal, astonishing affection rubbing her whiskery snout against my cheek. She's almost 17 years old now and her eyesight, not to mention her hearing are significantly damaged. But the good side is, that she is not sick nor lethargic, she loves her food and ..her mommy :). Sometimes at night, when she'd loose her way in the house, she calls me desperately. And as soon as I hold her she relaxes and starts purring contentedly. It breaks my heart to see her so confused and lost but I am determined to stay by her side and help her go on because I am not ready to say good bye...and I bet, nor is she.


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