I Don't Want to Wake Up In 1972....

There are a myriad of reasons that, without a doubt, I will vote for President Obama's second term...such a myriad, in fact, that I am only going to discuss one reason. 

My daughter's uterus.

I am a happily married woman, and I couldn't imagine life without my children.  Like any parent, my ultimate goal is to raise them in such a way that they are able to be happy, successful, productive members of the human race. 

According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, 1 in 6 women are the victim of a rape or sexual assault.  That means that in my daughter's lifetime, there is 17% chance that she will be a victim of one of those crimes.  

44% of sexual assault and rape victims are under the age of 18.  My daughter is ten years old.  That means that she will remain in an age group that comprises almost half of those crimes. 

It is estimated that 5% of one time, unprotected sexual intercourse encounters result in pregnancy.    

We teach our children many things.  We teach them kindness, and we teach them compassion.  We teach them to stand with strength for the things that are right, even if they must stand alone.  We teach them to withstand peer pressure, even if they must turn their backs on friends.  Above all, we teach them that we are their support systems, their allies, and their haven from life's storms. 

God forbid, my daughter's right to choose when she will have sex could be stolen from her.

What kind of haven would I be if I didn't vote for a President that respects  her right to decide what will happen to her body afterward?


Sandra is a Mom, and Army Wife, a Friend, and a Coffee Enthusiast.  

Shenanigans can be found at www.contemplationsofanarmywife.blogspot.com.  

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