I Failed

I wanted so bad to succeed at these monthly exercise challenges. The squats? OMG that was a hard month. But boy, I feel so good being able to remind myself that one day in my life, I did 300 squats. I do 75 a day for maintenance, usually when I'm brushing my teeth. I can do sixty in 2 minutes and that's how long the timer is on my Oral B.

And then June came. Planks. Ok, I can do modified planks, I knew this after researching "planks for weenies" err "planks for older women" and watching videos on how to. I got to 12 minutes, and I could only stay in a real plank for 30 seconds, then the modified plank on my knees for 30 seconds. Then rest, then again. And then my shoulders started hurting. And my shoulders have never hurt before.

I have early degenerative arthritis and anytime something hurts, all I have to do is look at my right hand to understand why I have that pain. It's deformed and swollen, and I have those same calcium deposits on all my joints. The idea is to build muscle strength to take the strain off the joints, but there is just no way to plank without affecting the shoulders. And I need new pain like I need a hole in the head.

June's challenge? Push ups and crunches. Yeah, I'm out. :(

boo. Maybe I'll start walking. After Mom and Don leave.

I'm still wearing my Nike+ arm band. My Nike Fuel goal is 2400 a day, which equates to about 5000 steps. The stupid thing doesn't give me any credit for squats and planks! How unfair is that?

I killed Michael's fitbit. Washed AND dried it. So I gave him mine because I don't need a Fitbit and a Nike+. It's still sitting in his little corner nook in the kitchen. Maybe he doesn't like purple?

Nikki is a certified Les Mills trainer now and is teaching Body Flow classes at Gold's. She's in amazing shape, except she's too skinny. But that's because she's buring more calories than she can possibly consume. I'd like to take her class, if it wasn't at a gym. I hate gyms.

So, once again, the best laid plans got shelved. But I'm still doing squat maintenance and getting my fuel in every day. And I've gone from a 16 to a 12. So I'm not a total failure.

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