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Hello Inspiration to Fitness - Week 5

Has it been five weeks of fitness already? This has got to be some kind of personal record for me. Especially the time I've spent all aboard the healthy eating train. A train with limited carbs and raw almonds as my most appealing snack option.

Although I do give myself weekends off. I'm happy to announce that this weekend was filled with crispy beef taco plates, fajitas, queso, and guacamole. And the people said AMEN.

And I think that's the key. I can make myself mind over matter the junk food addict who enjoys Gummie Sours Lifesavers and Sonic tater tots during the weekdays because I know that I get to take a break on the weekends and eat the foods of my ancestors. Assuming my ancestors ate a lot of Mexican food. Which is really highly unlikely since they were Sicilian and you never hear anyone talk about visiting Sicily for the guacamole.

As for working out, I keep waiting to LOVE it and feel all those endorphins and all that other fitness propaganda that people spew. And it hasn't happened. I love my playlist. I love the way I feel AFTER a workout is over. But the actual running part? Not a huge fan.

But I've found a lot of good workouts on Pinterest that I can do in the comfort of my living room on the days I just can't get out the door because it's too cold or too warm or too rainy. Can anyone tell me what we used to do before Pinterest? How did I find recipes or cute clothes or obsessively daydream about all the ways I'd like to redecorate my living room.

It's a wealth of workout suggestions that I've incorporated to mix things up a little bit.

Source: iowagirleats.com via Melanie on Pinterest

Because man (or woman) cannot live by running alone.

I think that's in the Bible.

And here's the other gem I found on Pinterest that I look at every time I start to lose my motivation and gaze longingly at the couch.

Source: via Melanie on Pinteres

Just last week someone told me my face looked a little thinner and I wanted to give them a prolonged hug. It was a good reminder that just because I don't see results doesn't mean things aren't changing. I just see myself everyday and so it's hard to tell.

But I know I feel better and isn't that what really matters? Just wait until I'm sitting by the pool this summer and everyone comments on how healthy my heart looks.

It will be totally worth all the sacrifices.

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