I feel a rift coming on

When a family rift starts to develop, what do you do?  I feel it coming on and frankly, I don't care.  Well, I care because they are 76 and 71 and they might not be around forever.  But I've been fighting the alcohol war with them since I can remember.

The latest fight actually started over alcohol and who do I think I am to say drinking is bad, blah blah blather... I've been trying my hardest to bury the feelings since my visit home.  From the day we got back home in Milwaukee, I wrote a daily email to my parents, to keep the lines open.  They were filled with drivel, just things that were going on in my life out here in Wisconsin.

She called me on Christmas.  The conversation was awkward with a lot of "what? You're cutting out"  "mom i'm not getting you clearly".  "ok, talk to you soon" "love you too".  The connection was crappy, but even if it had been good I wouldn't have addressed the elephant in the room.   

And then I downloaded my Christmas photographs from the d300.  And I ran across a funny photograph that I had taken that immediately reminded me of "awkward family photos".  Michael decided to give him a kiss for the camera and my dad's expression is priceless.  

Michael loves my dad and meant him no ill harm, nor did I when I posted the photo to Facebook.  I tagged him so I guess he saw it and wasn't happy because he sent me a text message that said "not happy camper" which scared me thinking something was wrong with my mom (who is still on my crap list from the fight she picked with me when I was home).  

So I called.  Right away.  And he chewed me out.  "I don't want my face with Michael kissing me on Facebook, I don't like it.  Take it down." click.  So I obediently did remove it from Facebook.  Here's the photo.  Isn't his look just priceless?  I see something different than he does apparently.  


awkward family photos

Michael's feelings are hurt.  My feelings are hurt.

I feel a rift coming on.  


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