I Finally Created a Static Homepage

 For Febuary 21; posted 4 minutes late!! I am a creative, circular thinker. Linear thinking does not come naturally to my mind but I have been forcing  this unorganized brain to organize my blogs. Although they  hardly looks professional, at least I now  have a static home page, some pages with contact info, about me and an easier way to access archives. A blogging friend ,Cristina T  from http://fillingmyprayercloset.com/,   made a couple of suggestions about what to include and the guiding rule to keep it simple. That is all the help I needed to begin the process of wrapping  my brain around creating a home page. I am pleased with the overall look and feel of both of them.

joy of nine9 http://melaniejeanjuneau.wordpress.com/

mother of nine9 http://themotherofnine9.wordpress.com/


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