I Finally Lost 40 LBS On My Diet!! Yeehaw!!

 Okay, I think I am finally to the point where I do not want to hear of another diet, ever. I am not sure if you know this or not but I am the self proclaimed “Diet Queen”. So, for “The Queen” to turn her back on her own people, it’s serious people. Serious- as in-seriously aggravating as hell. Why do we continue to think that the next diet is going to be “The One”? Why do we keep believing the lie about the “Diet Magic Formula”? Oh sure, there are diets that will make you lose weight but what happens after you eat a Twinkie? You fluff out, not to mention the internal damage it does to our bodies.


I am here to state for the record, there is no magic formula, no diet is really worth trying, there is no quick fix…end of story. Researchers have been studying for years to find the magic formula and it hasn’t been discovered because it just doesn’t exist. I don’t want to scream conspiracy theory but it’s odd how society puts so much emphasis on size and weight and how odd it is that the diet industry is a multi-billion money making market. People are making bank off of us not being comfortable with our bodies, running out to get the newest fad diet, taking pills, eating the diet food, diet drinks, reading diet books, watching diet infomercials, diet patches, diet shots, - for the love of bob, STOP THE MADNESS ALREADY!


The industry doesn’t tell you that there’s more to losing weight than just...well, losing weight. It’s not about any diet, it’s about weight management. How on earth are we supposed to keep the weight off after the diet? Most of us are uninformed, go right back to our previous eating habits and BAM, hello butterball. It’s weight management and it’s called a lifestyle change. Wouldn’t it be great if we could change a few things in our lifestyle and eating habits and never have to do another diet again? Why are we so hypnotized with immediate gratification? The way I see it is- if it comes off extremely easy, it will come back on extremely fast. We all know you can’t get something for nothing, this applies to dieting also. It takes self discipline to learn how to manage your weight, it takes dedication to get your eating habits on track and most of us don’t have the discipline or the dedication. Why? Because we’ve been fed lies. We’ve been taught that we don’t have to work for it, all we need to do is take this blue pill, or eat this frozen dinner, put this patch on, eat these certain foods and it goes on and on.


The most important thing that no one wants to mention about losing weight is YOUR relationship with food. If you have an emotional relationship with food, it doesn’t matter what diet you go on, you might have a quick fix but eventually you will go back to the emotion that got you there in the first place. You must do a little soul searching and discover why you eat the way you do and why you eat ‘what’ you eat. Food was put on this earth for nutritional purposes, that’s it. Society has invited food into our social and personal lives. We have parties, there’s food. When we have Christmas, there’s food. Most of us eat until we are stuffed, at least I do. When we are home alone and bored, we eat. Sad? We eat. Stressed? We eat.


It’s important that we become aware of why we are eating. Before I put a piece of food in my mouth, I question my intent. “Is this because my body needs food or am I just starving for entertainment?” It’s easy to be in denial if you have a love/hate relationship with food. It’s easy to blame the diet. Of course, most of us tend to blame ourselves. We feel like failures but we have no idea that diet’s set us up to fail. Without taking a closer look at your relationship with food, weight management might be an uphill battle and/or struggle. I challenge you to boycott diets until you get a better understanding for your body and the reasons why you eat what you eat and why you eat it.


There are some of us that can’t help ourselves. I am one of those that crave food so bad that my mouth waters when I think about it. This seemingly isn’t normal and it’s pretty damn aggravating. Some of us are overweight due to medical conditions. If you know that you have a healthy relationship with food and you are still battling your weight, I would strongly suggest that you get tested for thyroid issues, diabetes, adrenal gland disorder, etc. I felt like a fat failure for the longest time. I would barely eat and still couldn’t lose weight (not eating= not cool). You can imagine how relieved I was to find out that it was a thyroid issue. Well, relief probably isn’t a good word; it was just good knowing that it wasn’t me, that I wasn’t a failure.


Not only is your relationship with food important but even more importantly is the relationship you have with yourself. Self-love is extremely important. Some of us just weren’t made to be a size 4. Accept this and love your body for all its shape and curves. Love yourself and be gentle. We are all doing the best that we can in this Quick Fix Diet world. I think we should all embrace all our beautiful shapes and be glad that we are all different and unique because anything less would be completely boring. Know yourself, know your relationship food, know that there is no magic formula, there is no quick fix, know and understand that weight management takes time and dedication and knowledge. Educate yourself on nutrition and stay away from the fad diets.


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