I finally made butter....

I made butter…finally!

My husband is a living history extraordinaire! Which means, I have lots of  “how to” books referencing his favorite time in history, Colonial America.  These books include everything from cooking simple every day fare to exquisite banquets…how to sew clothing for the average family living on and running a small farm to the extravagance of the elite and Royalist…he can demonstrate, with amazing detail, the aspects of nearly every part of colonial life.  Me? Well, today I finally made butter!

I was in the kitchen fixin’ breakfast and remembered I had some left over Heavy Whipping Cream from last week’s truffle show.  Mmmm truffles…. and as I was pourin’ a little into my coffee I realized that I had another opportunity to fail miserably in craft of making butter!  Bring it on!

As I was shakin’ my mason jar filled with the heavy whipping cream, I started thinking’ back on all the failed attempts to date.  All of which ended with a creamy consistency that obviously didn’t hold up in the “wash”…oh yeah, you’re supposed to “wash” the butter at the end…I’m cookin’ breakfast and shakin’ my jar….shakin’ my jar…I feel and hear the familiar change in the liquid that tells me there’s some action happenin’ inside…

This is when it dawns on me to shake longer than I usually do.  Maybe I just ain’t shakin’ it long enough…so I keep shakin’.  And shakin’…I notice things are happening that haven’t happened before.  I keep shakin’.  My husband comes down stairs and gives me one of his “???” looks…so, I let him in on my plan.  He smiles and gives me his “mmhmmm” look that triggers my “know it all” response! Haha.  I keep shakin’ as we eat and talk…then suddenly the liquid literally just separates from this ball of what is obviously….BUTTER! I MADE BUTTER!!!!! I run to the sink and drain the skim milk and nearly burst with this pride in my latest accomplishment!  I have officially entered the zone!  Bring on the primative life, I am ready…as long as I have butter - I can do anything!

                  photo by Suzanne Whittaker

Yeah, I know…doesn’t take much to make this ol’ gal happy :D

Xoxo, Happy Valentine’s Day!



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