I Forgave the Doctors for Being Right


I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease at the ripe age of 23.

I forgave God for allowing me to get sick.

At 24 I recurred.  My body betrayed me yet again with complications. Pneumonia, fluid in the sac around my heart, a blood clot...the days were long and the challenges many.

I forgave my body for failing me again.

My doctor's decided I needed a bone marrow transplant. My fiance' decided he'd had enough.

I forgave my God yet again for giving me more than what I thought I could handle.

I had to sit idly by in a hospital room while my fiance' became my ex-fiance' and moved out of our house.

I forgave him for always looking for greener grass.

I started having hot flashes before even turning 30.

I forgave the doctors for being right.

I searched through pages and pages to pick out the perfect donor with the perfect eggs.

I forgave my body for failing me on the one thing that I wanted most in the world.

White Roses

Five weeks and a lot of money later, Principessa appeared on an ultrasound, without ever having used the perfect donor's egg.

I forgave the doctors for being wrong.

I forgave God for ever doubting.

I forgave my the challenges of the past.

I gave thanks. A lot of thanks.

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This post was inspired by a Remembe(RED) prompt about forgiveness. 


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