I Forgot My Teen Was Funny

When my boys were little, they made me laugh all the time.  The things that came out of their mouths were so precious, and they were just so darn adorable.  

My older son was four and he had just dumped a bucket of sand on the head of our long suffering family dog, and he thought it was hysterical.  I said "C, that is not funny". Without missing a beat, he raised his eyebrows and replied, "Is it a little funny"?  C looked so cute, and the dog looked so disgusted...and it actually was a little funny.

But then they grow up.  Of course they're still cute, in their own teenager way, but often the things they say aren't all that charming.  As a mom of two teen boys, so many of my interactions with them include reprimanding, teaching, lecturing, and being generally annoyed, and I forget....they're still funny.

Last weekend, my cousins and I were having a "group texting" party.  We live all around the country so we occasionally get together via our phones and catch up.  However, I have a "dumb" phone and sometimes it can't keep up with the conversation.  At one point I had 38 unread messages, and every time I tried to reply to someone, the phone kicked me off.  I was complaining and venting to my younger son and husband while they tried to watch a movie.  T got tired of hearing about it and said, "Here mom, let me help you". Hallelujah, the tech savvy teen would have the answer!  Without a word, he turned the phone off and handed it back to me.

I stared at him, appalled, ready to yell...but then I burst out laughing.  In that moment I remembered that laughter is one of the joys of parenthood that often gets forgotten as we deal with hormones, drama, worries about driving, and general all around sulky behavior. Thank you for reminding me...I forgot you were funny.




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