I Forgot to Say 'No'

This morning the middle school had its first PTO meeting of the new school year.  Being the good mother that I am, I got up at 5:30 this morning, took a shower, got the kids up, fed them breakfast, made lunches, got them off on the bus and finished getting ready for my meeting.

I don't know how it is where you live, but here in my neck of the woods, you cannot just walk into a PTO meeting with wet hair and running shorts on, which meant I had to go through my whole two-hour process of drying my wet hair, straightening it, applying a full face of make-up and getting dressed to impress.  I say that like I am complaining, but the reality is, I do this just to go to Wal-mart.  Most of the time at least.  The rest of the time I throw on a baseball hat, and strut through the store donning my running shorts and wet hair.  I know I am ridiculous.  I am who I am.  I (and the rest of my family) has learned to just let me be and shut up about the fact that we are just going to Wal-Mart or we are just going to baseball practice.

I am pretty involved in the kids schools (they are spread among three different one).  I volunteer.  I am room mom for the different classes.  I buy the supplies that the teachers need and the school won't pay for.  I am on top of the kids education and fight for what they deserve to have, which is a good education.  No, getting a good education isn't a given.  (I will write about one of my kids struggles and journey through the school system in the near future.)

So this morning I set off for this PTO meeting more interested in meeting the new middle school principal more than anything else.  The two older boys attend a middle school which is supposed to be a "technology school".  So far, a year has gone by and not much "technology" has been used or thrown into the curriculum.  I was curious as to what this new principal was going to do about that one major flaw.  I left there, like I do anytime I am at the different schools, pissed off at the school district, the state and the education system in this country as a whole.  I also left there as the new Vice President of the PTO, thanks in part to my inability to say no to people.

Like I said earlier, I am involved in the schools.  However, I was not and did not intend to go this morning walking away with the title of Vice President, although if I can convince my family to start referring to me as such, then it was well worth it.  I also nominated myself to be chairperson of two major school fundraising events.  I left the meeting and sent an IM to The Big Guy telling him the meeting was over.  He asked how it went and when I told him the great news of my new status, he responded by saying "so when does the bitching about this begin?"

Oh he knows me so well.  He knew that my inability to say no would lead to something like this happening, although I do not believe he thought I would become as involved as I did.  Right now my I am fine with my new stature.  I know it will end up being so much more involved than I am expecting (and I am already expecting it to be very involved).  I know that I will now be spending most of my kid-free time spread out among the three schools.  But hell, I don't have any kids home with me.  I have no excuse to not be this deeply involved, especially after hearing today that four of the mothers on the PTO no longer have kids attending the middle school, but have stayed on and helped because no one else stepped up to the plate to relieve them of their duties.  I couldn't just sit there and be that asshole who did nothing (like 99.9% of the other parents who attended the meeting did).

I am sure there will be posts in the near future bitching about this.  I am sure that I will regret my new status by the end of today.  I am hoping that tonight, when I attend the third grade open house, I can learn the word no and not take on too much more responsibility at that school.  I know I won't.  I have to just realize that I cannot do everything for everyone and that signing up to volunteer at the class holiday party instead of every single school fundraiser/function/need is okay too.

Today you all have an assignment.  I need one of you to remind me of all this between 6:00 and 7:00 tonight.  Thanks in advance.  And if at anytime from today until June you hear rumors about a blogger who slit her wrists, and you happen to notice that I haven't been posted in a while, rest assured I am probably that blogger and you now know why I did it.

Oh, and guess what I was given as a token of gratitude for my new title?!  If you guessed a coffee mug with the middle school name and emblem on it, then you are my winner.  I would send you a prize, which would probably end up being the coffee cup but hell, I am keeping it as a reminder of what all the hard work and volunteering hours gets you.

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