I Found It!! My Green Spiral Notebook!!! Falalalala-lalalala

I had decided to rise above the line and carry on without my trusty green spiral notebook.  Re-create from a memory that doesn't work as well as it used to, my menus, shopping lists, preparation strategies for December 22 through the 25.  I would remember who was bringing what to the family gathering and not have to suffer the embarrassment of having to call and ask, "Now what did you say you were bringing?"

That is what I told myself but deep down, I had lost the faith.  Gamely heading upstairs last evening to wrap gifts, leaving the kitchen to my better half who was assembling the breakfast casserole destined for his work place breakfast this morning, I sat down determined to finish the task at hand. Sorting Santa's goodies into different piles, surveying the available boxes and gift bags soon took my mind off its problems.

Then...I reached deep into a department store bag and felt...(Hallelujah Chorus!!)... the metal coil of my notebook!!   After a many minute rendition of my happy dance, it made all the sense in the world, really.   There was no gas in the truck on Monday, last driven by the spouse who believes "E" really means "Endless".   I had decided to leave early and get to the gas station before the Doctor's appointment.  Logically, it made sense to run into the store, since I was right there, and pick up a few last minute gifts.  After leaving the Doctor's office, I had headed to the pharmacy closest to the house and then up the mountain to the Manor.   Tired and ready to get inside and on the couch, I must have shoved everything in to the shopping bags to avoid making an extra trip back out to the truck.  

After dancing down the steps, proclaiming the return of the prodigal, I showed it to my husband who said, and I quote, "Was in the last place you looked, huh."    

Men, gotta love 'em.   If anyone needs me, I'll be in the kitchen.

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"


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