I Found the Perfect Halloween Costume Without Going Insane!

This year I flat out refused to shop at Party City for Halloween costumes. I have a preteen and a teen and let's just say that the Juniors Halloween costumes in Party City are located adjacent to the Adult costumes. Now why does this bother me? Well, the Adult costumes on display are almost pornographic and entirely inappropriate for children, preteens, teens, and this mom(!) to be observing. The Adult costumes are often designed for a couple to wear together...need I say more?

With Halloween shopping at a store off the table, I started my online search. My son's costume was a tough one to find online. He chose G.I. Joe Snake Eyes. I know I've never heard of this character either! I found several costumes online, but none were in his size. He's a tall 6-year-old and wears a Size 10-12. After a fruitless search and a real concern that my son would have nothing to wear on Halloween, I tried ebay.

Lo and behold I found a seller with a 99 percent rating selling a G.I. Joe Snake Eyes costume in Size 10-12. I think I may have heard angels singing. Within 2 days of ordering, the costume was on my son's body. The costume more than met my expecations and the process of buying on ebay was a success, too. I wish I had known about PicClick.com, a visual eBay browser, when I was shopping for a Halloween costume.

With PicClick you can see up to a hundred products on one page compared to a handful in the standard eBay view. I found it annoying to have to scroll through page after page to find the exact item with standard ebay. With PicClick, I found the item I was looking for easily. As we all know, the human mind can scan and process images much more quickly than text. It's a great new way to explore and discover new things on eBay.

Halloween like any other holiday can be busy. As a busy mom, I look for tools such as PicClick to make my daily life easier. How can you make Halloween shopping less stressful? Some tips:

· Shop for Halloween costumes on eBay through PicClick to buy discounted or once-used costumes. I bought my son's Halloween costume using the Buy-It Now feature, which is a great resource if you don't want to wait for an auction to end.

· Hunt thrift stores, garage sales, and dollar stores for affordable decorations. I consign costumes every year at my local consignment store.

· Buy candy in bulk from warehouse store like Sam's Club. One year I purchased minitubs of Play Doh to give out -- a safe and healthy alternative to candy and gum.

· Get creative and make your own costume. While I have never made my children's Halloween costumes (#notcrafty), I have fond memories of my mother making a cowboy outfit for me out of crepe paper.

· Start shopping right after Halloween for next year to get deep discounts. One year, I took a gamble and bought my son a Policeman AND a Firefighter costume. The next year he wore both costumes for Halloween -- one for our neighborhood parade and one for his preschool Halloween party.

· Buy Halloween decorations last minute for big savings.

Next halloween I will definitely practice what I preach to make Halloween or any other holiday less stressful!

Jill blogs about raising a kid, a preteen, and a teen and living tio tell about it, over at Musings.

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