"I found your wife, unfortuantely I had to kill her.." Things I hear from my living room

Do you ever just sit and listen to the things that are said in your household? Just sit and listen as though you were a stranger observing a new culture or hearing things via a CIA bug? I imagine the CIA is pretty confused by what's been coming out of my living room tonight!

"Two bears?  It's never good to have to bears after you- now I have to go swimming!"

"I'll blast your ass right out of the sky!"

"Mostly, it is the Nords.  They do not like outsiders."

"Why do you have to bother my horse- really, Another bear?"

"I have a staff of fury"

"Where the hell did that dragon come from, it just fell out of the sky!"

Anyone know this game yet?  Yes, that's right. My husband and the thirteen to eighteen year old boys out there are all playing Skyrim. 

On the plus side, he finds lots of jewels and has backup named Lydia who who is sworn to carry his burden.  Which is a damn good thing, since he needs to be carrying mine!

But I enjoy the running commentary and it gives the girls and I something to mock him about, which is what we live for.  And a joyful time was had by all. 


P.S.- "Oh shit, Lydia's dead!"



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