I Get Dressed Every Single Day!

I get dressed every single day and on a daily basis I dress for me.

I shower.  I put makeup on.  I wear clothes.  Jeans,shorts,skirts and cute little tops.  In the winter I have a few cute little warm sweats but mostly I dress every single day.  I love makeup!! Love it!!!! Therefore, I wear it daily!!!

Oh, and I fix my hair but it is straight, so pretty easy.  I wear it in a simple long style bob but it is washed and styled,daily!

I have always done this.  Even when my children were small.

Oh, now I will put my Pink Robe over these things to keep warm but underneath I am fully dressed and I have showered, I have makeup on and my hair is styled!!!  You can bet your bottom dollar :)

On occasion I like to ‘Doll’ myself up for my husband.  We go out and have fun but it is my choice.  I layer the makeup on a little more.

He will often say, “Lucy, too much eyeliner.  I like your eyes with no makeup!”

I answer, “I know but I love my makeup!”

And we laugh because we both think back to his friend leaving this note. “Hey, queen of eyeliner called, she wants you to call her.” Guess who saw the note later that night?

Who do you dress for?

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