I get so mad!!!

I have been a customer of Comcast since I was 16 years old. I'm now 48, that's 32 years of loyalty to one service provider. I am so fed up with the problems with Comcast. It's infuriates me when I call about an issue and their immediate response is that it has to do with a "past due" balance. So I start off with the fact that I do not now nor have I ever paid for the month in advance. Period.

I paid my bill a week ago. Again, I do not and will not ever pay for the month in advance that they bill me for. I haven't even received the new paper bill yet and the rep is going to explain that the reason we're not getting the NFL Red Zone channel, which is included in the sports package, is because of my "past due" balance. Get the eff out of here!!!

I still have access to the pay channels, I still get all the other channels that are included in the sports package and I can still order movies and tv shows on demand...but it's because of my "past due" balance??!!! WTF?  When my husband started yelling, I thought the rep hung up on me but after about a dozen times of me saying "Hello? Ma'am?" I got a response.

Ultimately she fixed the issue - AFTER I demanded to speak to a supervisor!! The issues I've had with Comcast over the past six months has been horrible! We moved to our  home in June and I work from home. After moving, I was experiencing technical problems with the office phone and the internet connection. As a dedicated customer service specialist myself, I attempted to have this issue corrected on three different occasions in a three week period.

The lines guys would tell me it's the modem, the modem guys kept telling me it was in the lines and my response was "I don't care what the issue is or where the problem lies, just FIX IT!"! The issue never got corrected and I lost 3 weeks worth of work at four hundred dollars per week or more if I had grabbed extra hours. My employer told me I had to get the problem corrected or I would not be able to work on the project I had been assigned to for a major cell phone company.

I ended up cancelling my internet & home phone service with Comcast & took my business to CenturyLink. Now, I'm not thrilled with CenturyLink either but so far, I have not had any issues with the phone service or the internet. Yay for CenturyLink in that department. I got the Basic Talk for our home phone which connects to the CenturyLink modem and is only $12 per month with taxes...when I was paying at least $50 a month for 2 phone lines with Comcast.

The other thing that really ticked me off is the rep using the damn mute button. DO NOT MUTE ME! I hate that! I never use mute when I'm working. I would rather build a rapport with the customer and make it an enjoyable experience while I'm working on their account or troubleshooting or pulling up the bill to go over it with them. The ONLY time I put someone on mute was if the dogs began to bark when the hubs got home from work or if I had to cough & it was only a moment. I NEVER use the hold button while working on their account. The only time the hold button was used was if I had to transfer the call and it allowed me to set up the transfer in under 7 seconds, so again, it wasn't long.

I'm saving over $75 per month by going to a different company for the internet and phone. The total package I had had with Comcast was around $250 per month, including taxes. Now I pay roughly $75 per month for CenturyLink, $75 per month for Comcast (tvservice only) and $12 for the 2nd phone line. Frikkin amazing isn't it???

Have you been able to save money by switching companies? Let me know your money saving tips! At this time I am unemployed so saving money is a major concern for me until I can find another job. Thanks for listening you guys!! Hope you have a great night! I hear the red licorice vodka calling my name. Boozeday Tuesday, shots up!!



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