I Get Tired of Playing with My Kids

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Will you play Star Wars with me? Can we build a Star Wars Lego set? Can we go outside and play with light sabers? I know, you be Princess Leia and I'll be Darth Vader! And on and on and on. Now listen, I like Star Wars. I'm the one who introduced our older son to the Empire. But one mom can only play Princess Leia so many times before wanting to jump off the nearest Death Star. Playing anything, or rather, playing in general can sometimes be a tedious parenting activity. Paula at Beauty Through Imperfection recently confessed that she doesn't really enjoy playing. I so related.

She gets real:

I love being a stay at home mom. Really, I do, but the truth is: I get really sick of playing.

Sometimes, I sigh inwardly when my little guy looks up at me with his big, beautiful eyes and says “MAMA play (with) YOU??!!!!!”. Sometimes I want to yell “no more playing!” and go hide somewhere with a good book. On my own, I would never choose to play trains, trucks, catch, or any of the mystery games my son comes up with. I don’t have a secret passion for parading around the living room pretending the broom handle is a leaf blower.

None of these things are particularly enjoyable on their own. (especially not trains. I really, really hate playing trains.)

I do them because playing is one of the best ways I can communicate love to my son.

Credit: Jenna Hatfield, who used to have to play trains too.

You should go tell her that she's not alone. And then come play light sabers with my kid, okay?


Family/Moms & Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land.


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