I got a call from the White House

Sunday night, I got a call from the White House...well, the Portsmouth Staffer on behalf of the White House. I requested tickets to President Obama's Town Hall in Portsmouth, NH. And I got them!

I'm really looking forward to this. I want to see a change to our current system. I want to hear what the President has to say himself. I do NOT want to have the experience drowned out by people shouting and chanting. I want my fellow audience members to be polite and respectful of those of us there to hear what the President has to say.

My sister and her family are among the millions of uninsured families in the U.S. today. She is healthy, and has chosen to hold off on regular doctors visits...to avoid the spectre of discovering that she has a medical condition that will preclude her from obtaining health insurance in the future. What kind of an ass-backward way is that to run a health care system?

To protect her future insurance prospects, she must avoid preventive care.

The time for change has come. I want to understand the proposed bill better. I found it on-line, and I'm reading it. Sure, it's 1000 pages, but those pages are double spaced, incessantly indented, and each line is numbered. There aren't more than 25 lines to a page, so seriously, the 1000 pages isn't as intimidating as it might otherwise be.

I attended the first N.H. Primary Debates back in June of 2006, as a blogger for the local TV station. It was fascinating to see politics in action--particularly in the state of New Hampshire. I'm interested to see the action at this event--inside the venue and outside as well...there's sure to be all manner of humanity there on a humid summer day on the Seacoast. And several local groups have already broadcast their intention to protest at the Town Hall.

My other ticket is going to my sister...I'll post again after the event, and let y'all know what we see, hear & experience!


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