I Got a New Minivan: Hear me roar.

I Got a New Minivan

Hear me roar.


I know I've been whining a lot lately about needing a new van. You all have been patient with me. But the whining is over. At least the whining about THE VAN is over.


Because Momma got a new van!!!


It all happened so fast! One minute I was whining about it and the next I was driving away from the car dealership in my sweet ride.


I told someone today that I got a new minivan. They literally had to stifle a snort. 


Yes, minivans have a stigma. I'm well aware that not everyone thinks they're awesome or sexy. You see what I did there? I called minivans, well, really my minivan, awesome and sexy. Yeah, I said it. 


I don't know where the stigma comes from. It's as if succumbing to a minivan fate is equivalent to selling out, working for "the man." And in this case "the man" is suburban housewifery.


The horror.


I don't remember the exact moment over the last fifteen years that I became a suburban housewife. It was an evolution, I guess. But I do remember the exact moment that I owned my first minivan and how much easier our lives became in doing so. 


Some people might see owning a minivan as selling out, as saying goodbye to their youth. I see it as embracing what I am - I'm a mom. I'm a mom in yoga pants happily selling out to suburban, domestic housewifery with my sweet minivan.


I'm a mom of three beautiful children and that van hauls these baby faces around from practice, doctors' appointments, school, grocery stores, parks, play dates, vacations, and therapies. 


Over the past two days I heard about a little boy who lost his life after days of fighting to live after an accident. I also read about a woman who carried two full terms babies only to lose them both at birth or shortly after before she finally had a rainbow baby that made it. 


I think something happens to you when you experience real and truly painful tragedy and life altering circumstances. Perspective changes and there is a keen awareness about how close life and death are and, no matter how trite it may sound, we should be grateful for every minute.


This isn't about the minivan, but rather what I put in it. I needed a minivan because I have these children who are living and breathing with their sports equipment, random flip flops, and special needs. I'm grateful for that. And if a minivan symbolizes that I sold out or that I'm just some mom with some kids doing the lame suburban housewife thing, well, so be it. I'm thankful for that title. I wear it proudly and no way would I ever want to separate myself from that or run from it or deny it. 


So, snort if you must. Turn your nose up at my shiny, new ride. Go ahead. 


I'm a proud yoga pants wearing mom of three kids with a shiny, sexy, awesome new van. 


Hear me roar.



Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan

Check the oil stains from my last van. Classy, right?


2014 Dodge Grand Caravan

See? I wasn't lying about the yoga pants. 


2014 Dodge Grand Caravan

Oh, yes I did.


And it's a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT, if you're wondering.


Mom to Gabe (15), Christian (5), and Lola (3)