I guess I wanna be a Toys 'R Us Kid or something

My house is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders. Particularly the kitchen. Where nary a dish has been washed in what must be going on six days now. This may not come as a surprise to my mother. Or my college roommate Ale, who was so obsessed with cleanliness, she used to scrub the toilet before we went to the bars in case one of us needed to rest our head in it later that night. (I have to say Ale, I really appreciated that. Many times.)

But it’s a surprise to me! I’m thirty. And apparently unable to keep house. To figure out how to operate the vacuum we received two years ago for our wedding (thank you Mike and Elizabeth!). To fix the doorbell that’s been out of order for eight months. To put things back where I found them.  

If this wasn’t evidence enough that I’m somewhat incapable of caring for myself (much less another human being), my mom is still on speed dial for such questions as:

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