I guess if my husband left one of THESE giant eggshells in the sink, I really don't think I would mind at all!

peipodsooooooo want one of these, but aside from the $129.99 price tag, here's the problem: If we get one for the cat, the dog's going to want one and more than likely, our six-year-old is going to start crying because we didn't get one for her. Then one afternoon, when I turn my back to pick up her fathers balled-up socks from underneath the bed, she'll get stuck trying to squeeze her ass into it and I'll end up having to bust her out. Yup, you guessed it... that's about the time when I start crying over the three days worth of groceries I lost over a bed for my fucking cat. But hey... if I had the money, I'd sooooo get one of these!

pEiPod is, by far, the coolest accessory your tiny pet will ever love! At least, if were a dog... this is one house I would NOT mind sleeping in! Each egg is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), the exact same highly-durable, safe, and recyclable material used to make baby products, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to put your baby in it. Find me an animal that doesn't love to curl up in a womb-like cave, while sleeping the day away and I'll give you my dog food eating, high-strung, neurotic 17-year-old cat. Okay... so maybe that wasn't the most enticing offer you've gotten all day, but that's how strongly I feel about this super-cool design of these pods.

Choose the color, size and pillow for your pEiPod that best matches your own fabulous decor and give Fluffy a little taste of the good life! Oh... I'm not mistaken, I first found this item on one of my many discount sites (probably Groupon or Gilt) last year, so keep those peepers open or you might miss out! I know I'll be watching...



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