Would It Bother You to See Dead Baby Pictures on My Wall?

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[Editor's Note: The death of a baby is a sad, life-changing event. No question there. However, Ashley at A Ruby Family was recently asked why she still hangs up photos of her son Nolan, two years after he died. Her post addresses the question and is really a good look at how mothers of child loss deal with grief. -Jenna]

I Hang Pictures of My Dead Baby In My Home... Am I Crazy?:

Nolan's PictureRecently, for the first time in 2 years I was met with question about his pictures. Should I be on that show Taboo because I hang pictures of our dead baby on our walls in our own home? Are people coming into our home bothered by his pictures? Am I just delusional and crazy for wanting to hang his picture along side of his little brothers? Should I forget about him because we had another baby?

What am I suppose to do? I really don't know why I am even sitting here typing out these questions. Why should it matter? I know the answer but for whatever reason having someone suggest me taking down his picture when they come over broke me down. It made me feel like my son was nothing. He was just a baby that died that pictures were sad to look at.

Read on and offer some support if you've ever dealt with these questions.

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