I Hate Moving Things

I Hate Moving Things!

Just a small complaint today.
Well a few rather large ones actually.

We need to move these things from their current location, and let me tell you I am extremely tired of moving things. 

If there IS a bright side, we only have these things to move at the moment. 

We have managed to sell many of the the displays we ended up with at the close of the business. 

I should be thankful for that. And I am.

But, we still have large, heavy things to move. 
It is seemingly neverending.

The sad thing is, I suspect we will be moving things many more times. 

Either moving things from storage to the booth, or slowly moving things we don't need from our house. 

We are trying to lighten our load.

Moving, moving moving.

The last move was quite the ordeal, and I do not want to have another "adventure"like our family move here. Never, ever again.

All these moves now I hope will make our next family move much easier than it was last time. 

Am I too young to be talking so much of downsizing? Who cares. 

I am tired of all the 'stuff'. I will be a happy lady when moving is no longer part of our regular activities. 

In fact, this may motivate me to finally de-clutter my closet, and my sewing space, and the rest of the basement, and the front hall closet, and....wow there is a list.

I will be busy for a long time, because all I need is less.

What is your worst clutter space, or one big thing you wish you could get rid of, but have not yet done so?

oh, and if you need one of these displays, let me know! I am taking any offer......in an effort to never move again....


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