I Hate My Husband!

I hate my husband!   Ugh, he is so darn reasonable.  The practical one!  The squelcher (my made up word) of dreams.  Why does he have to do such things to me???

We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in September.  September 5th to be exact and of course I want to go all out.  He is willing to do a week vacation BUT it must end on the 5th or a day or two after because of work.  Whatever, I am use to it.  I know, the September 15th deadline (he is a CPA) and yes, I understand work pays the bills but you know, I like to bitch anyway.

So, we were originally thinking Hawaii and then I thought, wait, how about the South of France!  Even better why not go to an awesome resort. A week of no sight seeing just pure unadulterated pampering and fun *wink* wink*.

Well, Lucky for my husband I was reading a Danielle Steel book, Hotel Vendome and it mentioned a beautiful hotel in the South of France.  You know what, you shouldn’t read romance novels they fill your head with ideas, as my husband says, “Stupid ideas.”

I told him to read a romance novel he might learn a thing or two.

He replied, “I have done just fine without a romance novel, look how blessed I have been with you all these years.”  Yes, that line was said dripping with sarcasm.  I probably deserved it, you know men don’t like their ego bruised and maybe suggesting that he read a romance novel wasn’t the most subtle way of saying, “Hey, honey step it up in the Romance department.”

So, back to the South of France.  I found the Hotel.  The one mentioned in the Danielle Steel book was real.  Hotel Du Cap- Eden- Roc! As Rachel Zoe (reality star turned fashion designer) would say, “It is to die for”  oh, and Rachel Zoe could stay there, does that tell you something?

Rooms offer Sea view or Terrace Views.  As Teresa Giudice would say, (another reality star but flat broke) “Love, Love,Love!”

I love the purple rooms!  But, would take any of their rooms, ANY!!  Even an apartment LOL

We should leave our room! Darn and suffer, LOL

A week would be wonderful in the South of France but you see the pictures, right?  And, I am a reasonable gal. 

So, I sent my husband a link to the hotel and said, “I was thinking we should go to the South of France instead of Hawaii and maybe do a long weekend”

He answered, “I think the South of France is a great idea.”

I was so excited.  I am an idiot! See, he is so busy right now and he had not checked out the hotel yet.  I got a phone call later. The conversation went a little like this…..

“Lucy, are you crazy?  Why do you do these things?  Why do you shoot for the moon and then I have to tell you to find something else and nothing will compare?  You drive me nuts.  I am not a millionaire!”

I answered calmly, “Honey, I am willing to compromise and go for a long weekend?”

He was not staying so calm.  “You are insane, totally insane.  You would go to the South of France for a long weekend?  REALLY?  Lou, that makes no sense, find another hotel.  I mean I can handle 400 or maybe 500 a night but seriously do you want me to have a heart attack and die on our 25th anniversary? (I didn’t answer at that point because I knew I wasn’t getting my way and he would not have liked my anwer lol)  That hotel for a long weekend would be a mortgage payment and that doesn’t include flying or anything else,forget it!”

Now, I was mad.  I hate when he puts things so practical and brings me back down to earth, so I replied logically, “Well, who needs to make EVERY mortgage payment, why do you have to be so picky.”

So, a few hours pass and I get on the office calendar and I see they are having a staff meeting and providing the entire Staff lunch.  I called my husband, “Dear, you need to stop buying your entire office lunch, it takes away from my South of France, trip”  And, we both started laughing.

He said, “Oh, Lou, you are killing me and if only a few lunches could cover that trip.”

Seriously, now look at the view.  It is going to be hard to find a hotel that comes close.

So, do you do that? Dream big and then get a grip?

All pictures courtesy Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc (if you want to torture yourself have fun on their website)

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