I hate the "Sorry I haven't been posting post"....

 ....But I have to make one!


Life has a curious way of interfering with plans, I've noticed. Right now, Himself and I are in the middle of a move, and it's all systems go!  Even the "best" possible move is stressful and a monster that eats all your free time.  But I have not forgotten how to blog!  I just sort of collapse into a pile of snores when I come home.

It's been quite an experience.  I haven't moved for 8-9 years, and that was a pretty bad experience overall.  Now, I have the time, the wherewithal, and the help to get the whole project off the ground.  

As one of my friends said during a "stolen" hour recently, a move is a time to evaluate and really consider your priorities, your dreams, and your needs.  In our case, this is my first move as a "grownup".  My mother has passed and my grandmother lives with relatives several states away, so I can largely focus on myself.  Oh, and of course, Mr. Liz.  He's somewhere on that priority list, too!

It's pretty hard, but there's been a ton of "blessings in disguise" with this experience, so I'm ultimately optimistic.  We'll be able to save much more money than we have so far.  Also, I'm looking forward to a change of scenery.  My current town, where I've been for so long, is a beloved home, but it's wearing on me.  It's felt the pinch of our economic woes (what town hasn't?), which I don't want to hold against it, but it could be better.  With some creativity and work, there may not have to be so many closed store fronts, or empty sidewalks.  I don't know, the thought behind this isn't completely developed, but I just need to get out and move on.

In terms of frugality, this move is a dream come true! Our rent will be significantly lower, and we've really pared down materially.  Noone can live without some expenses, but ours will be much more manageable.  It's so important to be able to save, and I really haven't been able to do that in my current place.  

So, BlogHers, I will pop in when I can, hopefully with tales of Freecycling fun, Packing Pandemonium, and Storage Sagas.  Also, the ceremonial takeout-meal of our first night in the new digs :D

Until then, have a shot of cuteness.  This little guy keeps me sane!



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