I Have Been Busted by the Bad Luck Detective!

Suzie Ivy the Bad Luck Detective has challenged fellow bloggers to share ten things about themselves.

As I sit ready to write this my palms are sweaty, there is a big light looking down on me, and I feel chained to the computer. My heart is racing because what I am to tell you is bad. Very Bad!

So if you don’t want the gory details look away now or you may be brought in for questioning at a later date. I’m taking a deep breath and without my lawyer present I am sharing ten things that you may not know about me.

1) I have a thing for the boys in blue and have been known to give them a wink a time or two
2) I had a fake id when I was sixteen and was known to use it
3) Hair metal is my first love
4) I have been known to dance to Bollywood music and do the light bulb
5) Organized religion and I don’t jive well together
6) I danced the night away in Havana at a street party and learned some smooth moves
7) Zurich was where I made friends over beer and schnitzel
8) I lost my bikini top in the waves in Rio San Juan
9) My tailbone never recovered from a jet ski incident in the Bahamas and I always need to sit on a cushion just before it rains
10) I try to live life with an open heart but sometimes it is much easier to guard it

Phew! I got all of that off my chest and now I am a sweaty mess! Susie really knows how to pull the good stuff out of me. I think I need a stiff drink!

Have you taken the Bad Luck Detective Challenge? I dare you! Let it all out!


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