The Narnia Moment I Have Been Waiting For

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I have read all seven books over and over again throughout my life. I always seem to find something new. There are parts that make me cry no matter how many times I've read them. I've read them to every roommate I've ever had. Somehow, my husband has evaded the Narnia experience, until now! Now, both my 4-year old and my 8-year old are clamoring for more and more Narnia. Bean said last night that Narnia is his favorite book in the whole world. Boy after my own heart, I tell you.

The thing is, Narnia is allegorical, and heavily symbolic. There are allusions to God and a relationship with him throughout. I have come and gone in my appreciation of religion in my day, but I have never once lost my love for Aslan. (I have not really ever lost my love for the God of my understanding - just for anything at all to do with organized religion.)

The stories of Narnia were my introduction into the idea of things mystic and powerful, magical, wise, beautiful and sometimes terrible. Everything I know of sacred and holy, everything I know of the idea of reverence comes from Narnia. This is what I know, and feel. This is the language that speaks to me, that comforts my heart when the world around me makes no sense. Narnia is more real to me than half of what I know to be true. Part of me, perhaps, has never really grown up at all. And now my children are entering into this door in the wardrobe with me. Life may never be quite the same.


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