I have a blog.

I now have a blog. I have been blogging in my mind for at least a year now, but I never wrote any of it down because it seems (to me) self-absorbed to make people read all of the things that race through one's mind.

The blogging in my mind has been along the lines of: I know someone who could really use that information. That could really help _____. How can I tell her (or him) this without her being offended or taken aback that I am telling her I think I know how to help her, what with my lack of any sort of medical degree? (I was going to say "science degree", but I think math counts as science.)

But then I realized - instead of telling every single person, I'll just write down what I learn. And how it has helped me, by the grace of God.

Because that's where this all started, and where it must always end. God led me down a certain path of medical issues, but He also led me to many answers. I have a story, not too exciting, and not too dramatic, yet with the potential to be helpful to many of my friends.

So this is the beginning.


...I need to brush up on my HTML. 

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