I have cold feet

I finally returned to taiwan, and find that it's dark, damp & cold. So what's a knitter to do in this sort of weather? put on some hand knit socks. For reasons unknown to me, I pulled out my lone socks, and matched them into a pair.

That's what got me thinking that I should knit more socks, because it seems like there are plenty of cold weather left in taiwan. First steps first. Finding my sock needles. I found them on the WIP of the advent calendar shawl thingy that never saw the finish line. So instead of putting the WIP on a line, and just taking out the needle, I thought why not send this puppy to the frog pond...in actual honest reality, it's never gonna get finished. I should just end it's misery, so that the yarn could be recycled into something else. After I cleared the needles, selected the yarn (the recycled advent yarn), I went on Ravelry to search for a suitable pattern to fit my mood.

My criterias were simple, cuff down, something that isn't too difficult, ie, some k, some p, occasional increase & decreases, easy repeats. I found the pattern I was looking for, Devil's Snare.

It's exactly what I am looking for. Currently I am still on sock 1, but I have made progress onto the heel flap...I am even trying out the slightly modified heel... If I keep at this, I might have another one sock finished by the end of the week.

Socks in progress

*one can't see the pattern all that much, as the stripes overpower the pattern...but I don't care very much about that.




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