I Have a Confession...

I only wash my face once a day.

Many dermatologists, beauty enthusiasts, magazine editors and the like would gasp in horror, but it's true.
And my skin has never looked better.
During the night, the skin builds up natural oils that act as a moisture barrier.  By washing your face in the morning, you are stripping your skin of those oils.
I'm not saying that this is for everyone.

It would work best for those with normal-to-dry skin, and potentially those with combination skin that borders on the dry side (like mine).

I've had many ups and downs with skincare products; attempting various combinations of cleaners and moisturizers that would make your head spin.  I tried numerous cleaners - foaming vs. creamy and everything in-between.  Oil-Free moisturizers weren't strong enough to combat the dryness, but regular moisturizers made my skin shiny.  I had occasional breakouts but could never pinpoint the reason.

I could never find that middle ground.  That calm, perfectly moisturized, normal-feeling skin.

And then I stopped washing my face in the morning.


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