I have a crush

So I have a crush. And it's not my husband.
Actually, I have a few crushes if we're going to be honest.
They're blogging crushes.
They are the blogs that I was lurking upon months before I ventured into writing my OWN blog, and they are my celebrities. I am in awe of their writing ability, their ability to network, and how nice many of them are (at least on Twitter, and that's real... right?) They give me inspiration. And today I want to share them with you (in case, by chance, you aren't already reading them!)

 I feel like everyone loves The Bloggess, or at least anyone who has a glimpse of a sense of humor. I mean, I was hooked at Beyonce. She is funny, and she is over the top, and many time she is very, very real.

 Speaking of real - it doesn't get any more real than Casey, (no NOT my Casey! But it IS a cool name) who has had bouts with depression, infertility, and life in general. Her writing inspires me. I found her many months ago, and recently SHE FOLLOWED ME BACK ON TWITTER, and interacts! Uhm. I may have squealed. Plus her babies are beautiful and she responds to nearly every comment you leave on her posts!

 Casey's blog naturally led me to her IRL best friend, Emily who has HILARIOUS children that make great signs. And she makes turd cakes! Yum! Seriously, she's funny and worth a follow!

Nichole, is the writer behind In These Small Moments. Again, her writing is amazing, and she inspires me frequently. She's also from Maine! And we talked about that once on Twitter. I felt like I was hanging with a cool kid. Also? She's commented on MY little ol' blog recently. Pretty amazing! I love that she writes about the small moments in life, the ones that really are the big ones, anyway.

Within a few months, I found the beautiful blog Four Plus an Angel, written by Jessica. She writes about autism, and her beautiful angel. I am in awe of the strength she has, and also the power in her words. She's also been by this little blog before (thank you!)
As I mentioned, there is Mel at Stirrup Queens who I found when researching infertility, and founda place to belong, to laugh, and to find hope. The resources on her page are numerous!

There are SO many more blogs that I'd love to share with you. Like Katie at Loves of Life, who has found a new love for running (just as I quit it!). I found her back when I was searching for stories about miscarriage, right after we experienced ours. And Jess at Dudes and Sweets who has a wonderfully chaotic life that she shares about with a great sense of humor. And there's Gina at Namaste By Day who has a lovely space on the internet where she shares about parenting, but also about the work she does with kids as a speech & language pathologist. And I can't forget Katie at Sluiter Nation who I again found when I was looking for stories of miscarriage, and how to get through it. Her words are poetic, painful, and very real. They helped me at a difficult time.

A lot of the blogs that I read are "Mom Blogs"...or should I say, blogs that are written by mothers. Maybe that's weird (since I don't have kids), but it also gives me hope, and inspiration. Hope that someday I will be a Mom to a baby here on Earth.

It also reminds me (and I need it many days) that there are wonderful parents out there who love their children.

So I urge you to go check them out, and I'll do another post sometime in the near furture with some of the others I have a crush on...



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