I have had 28 jobs, and I am still applying.......

When I went to college a woman's goal was to marry well  or well!!! just get married.  I did not do that until I hit my 40's, so I needed a source of income and for me,  in the late 60's - it was teaching, nursing or secretary.  I remember taking a career aptitude test exclusive for woman and having no career that suited me, so I went into teaching.  After six weeks of studnet teaching, I knew this was not for me.  I liked presenting  the information, it was the controlling  of the students I did not like. 

I did not realize I was in a tight spot, so I became a VISTA volunteer living in the rural south.  It was my first exposure to people of a different race/color.. And a fantastic education, but once again I hit the obstacle of  men thinking  "you are the right age. let's have 6 children."  I got even more confused, but I knew I did not want to cook, clean and wash dishes for 6 children.  And, if i did not want to control other's children, how would I take charge of my own?