I have had 28 jobs, and I am still applying.......

There were six of us at Easter brunch - four state employees . I was the entertainment, and the only one who had held a job for 22 hours, as opposed to the majorityof them who had worked the same job for over 22 years. I had been warned that at a particular monent i would be asked to tell them my story about working  in the candy factory, the supposed hand dipped chocolate that was really done on a conveyer belt in the dirtest basement i have ever seen. Employees were sworn to secrecy as a condition of employment.  I obviously have violated that. 

I told the story, but over the years it has lost it's luster becase I have come to realize how lucky i am to have an education and options in my life.  I work a job, 22 hours into it, or 5 days or perhaps 3 months, then I move on.  But many of the woman I have worked along side do not have any options.  They are in their early to mid-twenties, are rasing more than one child on their own, or perhaps there is a man in the picture who is semi-employed and not taking any responsibility for the children.  "he is too busy" and afterall he is not their father.