I have had 28 jobs, and I am still applying.......

This may not seem like it has to do with jobs, but it does have  to  do with lunch, a major part of careers.  Lunch with friends, co-workers, and most importantly bosses, higher-ups, decision makers about your career.  I like fast food - I am not ashamed to admit it ( incidently the price is going up, and I am concerned about the rise in beef costs- no longer can I get a complete meal for under $5.00). Most of the people who power lunch don't think the meeting should be "taken" in the front or back seat of a car driving through the fast food window. 

I recently visited Pebble Beach, CA  with  "friends", we had volunteered for the golf tournament.  I did not realize one person in the group was a foodie, we ate the whole trip - no meal was missed and no price too much. We topped out at $168.00 each for brunch- by my calulations that's 35 of "my" style.  

One of my bosses was a foodie - she had a water cooler in her office. "Feel free to fill your cup, the agency pays for the water jug," she said at the beginning of each meeting while she ate a high protein snack bar that she had boxed in directly from QVC washed down with a cup of hot water flavored by a mocha-coconut flavored coffee additive.   Nothing  got done in these meetings.  If she was not eating , she was preparing to eat.

I have battled weight all my life - I was told by every member of my family about the evils of fat, but I never thought about sizes and shapes and their effect on the workplace.  The boss mentioned said, "I hate to eat in public places - people are always looking  at me."



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