I have had it!

Ever feel like the world is closing in on you? Like life is so unbearable that you could just scream?. I don't know when this all happened or when I actually realized it was happening, but I am seriously high stress and full of angst that some days I have no clue where it comes from. It seems the older I get the more prevalent it is, I have mild to at times severe bouts of anxiety, I worry about everything. I cry so hard sometimes my head will explode.I have tried therapy but it's just to expensive to sit and reveal all your deep, dark secrets and emotional fears to a stranger that I would rather write this blog and talk to someone who can actually associate. I am a 42 year old divorced mother of a beautiful daughter who I need to set the example for-she is already-at 8 years of age, beginning to behave like me. She is an old soul. I can not bare to see her become me. Ladies, this stress and anxiety, as I am sure you have all heard about, can kill you. I find it so amusing how Doctors are so quick to prescribe treatments with side effects that only cause additional problems rather than getting to the root of the evil. I truly believe anxiety, panic and stress are conditioned behaviors. We as women, have seen it somewhere before-primarily in our own mothers. Society has bred this behavior, we are the Wonder Women of this era. We love, breed, cook, clean, work and breast feed. We fix things, mend boo-boos and on occasion share the temple we call our body with the significant other even when we don't have the energy.

I try so hard to control my emotions but it grows harder each day,  I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder-medical terminology for looney and unable to handle everyday stresses. Medication proved unsuccessful and even made it worse even leaving me with thoughts of taking my life.

If there is someone who thinks they know please tell.

Love- lilmikey


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