I Have My BlogHer'12 Business Cards!

BlogHer '12

As you may have read or saw me Tweet about my inaugural year at BlogHer '12.  So in attempts to make myself stand out.(yeah right... how do you stand out in a crowd of 4500?)I designed a specific business card for the event. I know that bloggers and businesses will be getting hundreds if not thousands of business cards thrust into their hands. I wanted them to remember not only my website and name but

  • WHERE they met me.
  • WHO I am.
  • WHAT I look like.
  • WHERE they can find me (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Television, Radio)
  • A snippet of my bio.
This is what all those elements look like to me:

I wanted to switch it up a bit and had the back information on the vertical. Yet another little thing that I am hoping will set my card apart from the masses. I have both my name and blog name on both the front and back of the card so there is no question who I am or where I blog when they are looking at the card.

I took advantage of Moo's FREE mini cards for BlogHer'12 attendees as well. With a bit of editing I was able to get most of my information on the mini card.  I just paid $3 for handling and I will be able to pick them up at the conference. I can't wait to see this cute little card. Thanks to Moo for offering this to the bloggers. They also have a FREE 50 regular size cards for the BlogHer attendees . I didn't take advantage of that offer as I have my mini cards and my regular cards. That should be enough right? As this is my first year at BlogHer conference I have no idea what the experience will turn out to be. I am hoping to make connections to brands, learn about what I am doing 'right' and 'wrong' with m blogging and come home a better blogger and possibly person. I don't know if this business card will make or break the conference for me (probably not break it) but I am hoping it will have a lasting impression on those with I interact. Look for me at BlogHer!