I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?

C’mon… name that movie!  We’ll get to the meaning of the title in a minute… Did you have a relaxing weekend? I did! Before we get to today, here are few highlights from my weekend…

Saturday morning it was pouring (seriously… hurricane-esque) down rain, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me from going to the Davidson Farmer’s Market.  It’s only open Saturday mornings from 8-noon, so I was going, darn it.  Luckily once I got there, the rain had lightened to a mist, and it looked like no one else was deterred by the rain either :)

This is only part of the market... lots of fresh fruits, veggies, plats, meats, jams, breads, YUM!

I picked up quite a few goodies, at great prices. Don’t you just love farmer’s market prices? My treasures including one scrumptious home baked goody that I was very excited about!

Homemade wheat sourdough!! PS- please excuse the no makeup and rainy weather hair :)

Earlier, for breakfast, I made some Fiber One Apple Cinnamon Muffins because I had a box in the back on my pantry.  They were OK, but had wayyy too much sugar in them (the 1st ingredient is SUGAR). One prepared muffin had 14g (3 1/2 tsp).  It’s recommended that we not eat more than 8 tsp a day of added sugar (that’s 32 g total for the day).  So I ate one, and left to go to the farmer’s market.  When I got back, I found this:

HAHA! Hubbs had eaten 8 muffins, EIGHT, while I was gone.  Not only was that a ton of sugar, but at 5g fiber in each muffin, he had eaten over 40g of fiber.  (It’s recommended that you get 25-30 per day!).  He’d kill me for saying so, but he paid for it later with that fiber overdose.

Another highlight of he weekend were the delish BLTA’s I made for lunch.  Everything was fresh from the market on our Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado sandwiches…

That pretty much brings us to this morning… Breakfast was a

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