I Have No Mommy Guilt for Attending BlogHer '12

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I'm not trying to justify our time away. It's ours. We're taking it. The kids will be fine, being doted on by grandparents. We will miss them, but we'll also be a different kind of exhausted and fulfilled. When we return to them on Sunday night, there will be hugs and "I missed you's" and "what didja get me's." Five minutes will pass before someone starts talking about Star Wars and I'll say, "Oh my, that's very interesting. I did not know that about those droids." I'll kick back, with a smile on my face and thank my lucky stars.

Without telling you what to do, I'd like to tell you not to feel guilty either, whether you're leaving your kids with their dad, their grandparents, their aunt or uncle, or loving family friends. Whether you're bringing them with you or even not coming at all. I am sure you came to your decision the same way that I came to my decision; by knowing what works best for our family. Own your decision; don't let what others think make you feel guilty or "wrong." You are doing what is right, what is best. Good for you, good for your kids.

Oh, and by the way, if you need to find me at the conference, I'll be the one with the picture of my kids peeking out from behind a tree as the case on her iPhone. What? I said I didn't feel guilty. I didn't say i wouldn't miss them. See you there!

What about you? Do you feel guilty for leaving your kids behind for BlogHer '12 -- or any other vacation? How do you handle childcare for events, business trips or getaways? What are your personal rules for length of time distances? Have you ever been questioned by someone who thought you shouldn't leave your kids behind?


Family/Moms and Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. She is an editor, writer and photographer.


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