I Have Proof: Escaped Gorillas of Dallas Texas

I walked up to my truck in Dallas. There on the parking lot beside the left front tire was a freshly discarded banana peel.

My first thought was: "Wow, I hope that banana peel doesn't cause a loss of traction and cause a wreck"

Second thought: "Wow, I hope the gorilla that escaped from the zoo is caught before he does more damage (more littering)"

Third thought: "Wow, I can't wait to put this in Facebook"

Fourth thought: "Remember to put the word 'Wow' at the beginning of each thought even though I didn't actually say Wow, there was a Wow feeling"

Fifth thought: "Wow, I had better take a picture of this banana peel or no one will believe me."

How Does It Feel To Be An Abandoned Unloved Banana Peel?


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