I Have Scans Coming Up...

I figured it was time I shared with you that my annual scans are coming up (that's right, ANNUAL!!! There was a point in which I was having full body scans every three months.)

I will be in Houston, TX next week visiting my Oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

We chose this hospital after getting multiple opinions during my diagnosis. It ended up being a very simple choice for us once we visited MD Anderson. Not only is this a hospital dedicated to treating those with cancer, but they are voted the best year after year. I feel confident in my medical care but happy at this hospital. Not to mention, the first oncologist I met way back when was somebody I could picture myself having a beer with. Sold.
more importantly I've never felt like a tragedy. Nobody has ever given me "the look" (you know, the "oh you poor thing" look.) I'm surrounded by others who know what I'm going through. I feel

But lets talk about the important stuff. I'm leaving Alaska for the shopping MECCA that is Houston, TX!!

I have big plans. 

Anyone ever been to The Galleria in Houston? drool. Oh my goodness. It is several stories of shopping heaven. They have every store imaginable plus those I can't afford and those I didn't even know I wanted to browse. This is usually where I end up grabbing my Pity Purchase. So, this will be one of my first stops. I'm thinking of either getting the perfume or flats from my wish list depending on the level of "pity" I'm experiencing ;)

We don't have TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or HomeGoods in Alaska (you can pick up your jaw now) so I will be hitting those stores FOR SURE. I may or may not bring an extra suitcase for these purchases sorry Kyle.

I also wanted to check out a few baby stores. We really only have Babies R Us, so I figured I would go on the hunt for some non Carters/BabyGap brand clothing for Mal.

Then there is the restaurant agenda... This is intense folks. We ALWAYS go to  Niko Niko's on Montrose and Crave Cupcakes on Kirby, but this time we have many more places to visit. I don't have a Panera, Chipotle or Chick Fil A up here!

I should mention that we will only be in Houston for 3 days...

Wish me luck!

Oh, and if you could say a quick prayer for clear scans, that'd be great too ;)

Have a happy Thursday!

Ps. My granny is meeting me in Houston! I'm so excited to show her around and introduce her to her first great grand baby :) 


Marry Mint


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